Ananya Dance Theater Workshops
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February 21, 2018

See ticketing options below

Classes will be held in Omori Dance Studio, Rooms A & B

Workshop #1: Beginner
This is an introductory workshop-style class where movement and words will become a way to share stories.

All ages welcome; all skill levels. Participants should bring a small object that sparks inspiration for them. 

Workshop #2: Advanced
This is a master class in the typical Yorchha style of dance that Ananya Dance Theatre has created from elements of the classical dance form Odissi, vinyasa yoga, and the classical dance form Chhau.

All ages welcome; advanced dancers only. Please wear fitting clothes and be prepared to dance barefoot.

COST: $10 nonrefundable registration fee.
Attendees present at this workshop will receive a $10 coupon towards the purchase of their ticket to the Ananya Dance Theater show on Thursday, February 22, PLUS a $10 discount on one (1) companion ticket.
Coupons are not transferable.

Workshop tickets only available at the MACC Box Office or by phone (808-242-SHOW). Box Office hours for window and phone sales are Tue-Sat, 10am-6pm.

Date Event Time Tickets
Wednesday February 21Beginner Workshop6:00 PM
Wednesday February 21Advanced Workshop6:00 PM