The Merwin Conservancy Presents Susan Middleton in the Green Room
McCoy Studio Theater
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Friday, August 24, 2018 - 7:00 PM

In this special Green Room presentation from the Merwin Conservancy, artist and author Susan Middleton will share portraits of rare Hawaiian flora and fauna, highlighting W.S. Merwin’s eloquent foreword to the book, Remains of a Rainbow, followed by a look at the wondrous realm of marine invertebrates, “the little things that run the world,” from her book, Spineless

The presentation will be followed by an intimate Q&A with the audience and book signing at a courtyard reception with dessert, champagne, book fair, and live musical entertainment.

All ticket sales benefit the nonprofit Merwin Conservancy.

Tickets: $25; $10 for students with a valid ID (plus applicable fees)
On sale Tuesday, June 19

Date Event Time Tickets
Friday August 24Susan Middleton in the Green Room7:00 PMBuy Tickets