Josh Smith and his Power Trio
McCoy Studio Theater
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 7:30 PM

Blues guitar virtuoso, Josh Smith, released his debut album, “Born under a Blue Sign,” at age 14, which turned many heads and gave him early recognition as a powerful jaw-dropping guitar slinger on the Blues scene.

Tasty licks, expressive phrasing, and the ability to rip into a song like nobody’s business make Josh a must-see performer.

Josh Smith was one of those guitar prodigies born with a pick in his hand. Much like his good friend, Joe Bonamassa, as a young musician, he sat in with many of the Blues greats young and old, including BB King, Koko Taylor, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Jimmy Thackery, and many others.

Smith is touring in support of his latest release, “Over Your Head,” a studio recording with three notable guest bluesmen: Joe Bonamassa, Kirk Fletcher, and Charlie Musselwhite.

Smith performs like the professional he is. Riffs are skillfully built, rhythms keep songs in check, and every element of his heartfelt vocals and music has a purpose.

Tickets: $45, $60 (plus applicable fees)
On sale Tuesday, April 10

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Wednesday May 16Josh Smith7:30 PMBuy Tickets