Cosmic Explorer Series
"The Connected Universe" Film Screening

McCoy Studio Theater
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May 14, 2018

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In conjunction with the Schaefer International Gallery's latest exhibit, “Young Creatives: Intergalactica,” the Cosmic Explorer Series (CES) events include talk-story, discussion, and film screenings. 
“The Connected Universe” is a film that explores new understandings in science, revealing a bigger picture of interconnection than we have ever imagined. Discover amazing ideas that will not only help change the world… but will also help change your world. The film is directed by Malcom Carter, narrated by Patrick Stewart, and based on the work of Nassim Harramein. 
Monday, May 7: 
Spend the evening with Maui’s own celestial explorer, Harriet Witt, who will present her new talk, “The Sky underneath Us... Is Where the Sun is at Night.” Celebrate and explore questions for which we have no answers… yet. With surprise special guests. CLICK HERE for more information.
Monday, May 21: An out of this world evening of  talk story and images from the superstars of the Institute for Astronomy including Dr. Joe Ritter, Dr. Gary Greenberg, Dr. Jeff Kuhn, JD Armstrong and special guests. CLICK HERE for more information.
The Cosmic Explorer Series is a Fuzz Box Productions presentation.

Tickets: $20/General Admission (plus applicable fees)
On sale Thursday, April 19

Date Event Time Tickets
Monday May 7Inspiration and Wonder7:30 PMBuy Tickets
Monday May 14The Connected Universe7:30 PMBuy Tickets
Monday May 21Tales from the Lanikea Supercluster7:30 PMBuy Tickets