Lāhui Sexuality: Panel Discussion
McCoy Studio Theater
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Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 7:30 PM

The 2018 Kū Mai Ka Hula competition weekend begins with this special presentation, a panel discussion for hula practitioners and those interested in some of the deeper themes of Hawaiian arts.

Lāhui sexuality: what is Hawaiian sexuality? What are the Hawaiian words that point to sex and sexuality that provide a unique worldview? What does our cultural memory tell us about our relationships to each other and our roles in society?

Join us for an intimate evening with panelists including Mehanaokalā Hind, Manaiakalani Kalua, and Keali’i Reichel, to discuss the primal, the carnal, and the essential elements of Hawaiian sexuality. 

(Contains adult subject matter)


Tickets: $18 (plus applicable fees)

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Thursday September 6Lāhui Sexuality7:30 PMBuy Tickets