Pepper and Stick Figure
Yokouchi Pavilion & Courtyard
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Sunday, December 16, 2018 - 6:30 PM

Gates open at 6:00 pm

Pepper is a three-piece rock band originally from Hawai‘i, now based in San Diego. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Kaleo Wassman, vocalist/bassist Bret Bollinger, and drummer Yesod Williams. Since the band's formation they have released seven studio albums as well as two live albums. 

Stick Figure is an American reggae and dub band founded in 2006 and based in Northern California. The group has released six full-length albums and one instrumental album, all of which were written and produced by frontman and self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Scott Woodruff. 

The concert will also feature the band, Tunnel Vision.

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Tickets: $39.50 General Admission/$79.50 VIP (plus applicable fees; prices increase day-of-show)
VIP ticket includes: Close side stage and tables/chairs access with private bar for beer and wine purchase. VIP ticket holders must be 21 yrs and older with valid ID to purchase & enter VIP section.

Date Event Time Tickets
Sunday December 16Pepper and Stick Figure6:30 PMGet Tickets