Master Class with Jacob Jonas The Company
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Wednesday, February 27, 2019
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

The class is designed for intermediate to advanced dancers; high school age and older. Late-arrivals and early-departures will not be allowed.

Class will be held in OMORI ROOM A

Jacob Jonas The Company workshops offer an intimate opportunity for intermediate to advanced dancers (high school and up) to experience the artistic processes that Jacob Jonas uses in the studio with his company, learn repertory, and expand artistic practice.
Taught by Jacob Jonas and members of the company, the class focuses on teaching a versatile skill set, including breakdance, contemporary ballet, partnering, and acrobatic techniques. 
The core values of our classes are:
Curiosity: To encourage students to think inquisitively and with innovation. 
Trust: To build reliance on the integrity and strength of oneself and others through confidence and collaboration. 
Versatility: To foster an open-minded environment where students are exposed to new skill sets and are able to diversify their strengths in support of reaching their fullest potential.

COST: $10 nonrefundable registration fee.

Registered attendees for this workshop will have access to a $5 discount towards the purchase of a ticket to the Jacob Jonas Dance show on Thursday, February 28.
Discounted performance tickets are available exclusively through the box office in person, or via phone.
Tickets on sale Wednesday, January 30.

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Wednesday February 27JJTC Master Class5:00 PMGet Tickets