‘Ohina Short Film Showcase
McCoy Studio Theater
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Thursday, January 1, 1970 -

Join us for the inaugural screening of the 'Ohina Short Film Showcase's incredible independent films from Hawaii.
Since 1999, 'Ohina has been Hawaii's largest annual short film festival dedicated to gathering and presenting original works by students, amateurs, and professional filmmakers. Although entries can come from around the world, there is only one requirement: a creative relationship to the Hawaiian Islands.
The screening will be followed by a conversation about the films with Gerard Elmore of `Ohina and Alika Maikau, filmmaker of Mauka to Makai.
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Featured films include: 
The Moon & the Night
Written and directed by Erin Lau
In rural Hawaii, a teenage girl must confront her father after he enters her beloved pet in a dog fight. CLICK HERE for more info
Last Taxi Dance
Written and directed by Brayden Yoder 
In a ballroom called Paradise in the aftermath of World War II, a proud Hawaiian singer dances with a returned American soldier and debates the dignity of the American dream. CLICK HERE for the trailer & more info
Written and directed by Mitchel Viernes 
Hawaiian astronaut and geologist Kainoa Kalewa strives to finish a mission on a distant planet. As he fights against the odds, he remembers the last moments he had with his family on earth, and the struggles he faced to make amends with his father. CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
Hae Hawaiʻi
Directed by Ty Sanga 
A man steals the Hawaiian flag in hopes of raising it when the kingdom is restored.
Mauka to Makai
Directed by Alika Maikau & Jonah Okano
Follow Akamu's story as he struggles to find the right balance in life with the help of his cousin Kaipo and the Kāneʻohe community. CLICK HERE for the trailer & more info

Tickets: $10 (plus applicable fees)