All 4 One, Soul for Real, & Forte
A Valentine's Day Engagement

Castle Theater
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 7:30 PM

Get ready for a trip back to when arguably the best of R&B was created: the 90s!

Tantriq Entertainment presents “All 4 One – Soul for Real – Forte: A Valentine’s Day Engagement 2018,” a concert featuring two groups that dominated the R&B airwaves in the 1990s. The concert will also feature the very special reunion of one of Hawaii’s favorite pop groups that also dominated Hawaii’s radio in that era, the lovely ladies of Forte.

The Grammy Award Winning group All-4-One is internationally known for making beautiful love songs that not only chart radio airwaves, but also garner countless awards. All-4-One’s very first single, “So Much In Love,“ scaled to RIAA gold and top five pop status. The California-based quartet soon marked their place in the industry as premier balladeers. Their second single, “I Swear,“ claimed the billboard “Hot 100” #1 spot for 11 consecutive weeks, while sales skyrocketed to hold the #1 selling single status in 1994 and third most successful single of the rock era. “I Swear” still holds a spot on Billboard’s “Hot 100”as one of the most successful singles of all time and has been named by ASCAP as one of the greatest love songs of the 20th century.

Soul for Real, an R&B quartet comprised of the four Dalyrimple brothers, Brian, Chris, Dre, and Jason, formed in 1992. Signed to Uptown Records, Soul 4 Real debuted in early 1995 with their album, “Candy Rain,” and by the end of the year the album had gone platinum.

In the mid to late 90s there was no escaping the music of Forte. This quartet comprised of four ultra-beautiful women from Hawai‘i —Gissele, Kristina, Marlene, and Joanne—had powerhouse voices to match. With hits such as “Give My Love To You,” “Follow The Sun,” “Could This Be Love,” and “Loving You,” Forte was a 90s concert favorite, opening for pop superstars such as NSync, 98 Degrees, and Destiny’s Child.

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Tickets: $59, $69, $89, $160 (plus applicable fees)

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Wednesday February 14All 4 One, Soul for Real, & Forte7:30 PMBuy Tickets