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About Us

The Maui Arts & Cultural Center
is a gathering place where we celebrate community, creativity and discovery.

The Original Dream . . .

In 1994 when the Maui Arts & Cultural Center opened its doors, it was the culmination of a 30-year dream of Maui's people for:
  • A place where the community could gather and celebrate together
  • A first-class venue where the world's most exciting artists could be enjoyed
  • An excellent educational resource serving all ages

Thousands of people, acting on extraordinary faith, contributed over $32 million to make the non-profit Maui Arts & Cultural Center a reality.

The MACC currently serves more than 260,000 people annually, through approximately 1,800 events: major music and theater productions, hula, symphony, ballet, taiko drumming, drama,

children’s art, slack key guitar, popular music, acrobatics, storytelling, and more. In addition, the MACC is a frequent gathering place for community meetings and school events.


About our logo. . .

The MACC logo is a petroglyphic image of a human being
releasing a bird into flight ...an act symbolizing the freedom of expression that lies at the heart of all creative endeavors.

Who are we? What is MACC?

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"The MACC Presents" . . .

“Mohala ka pua i ka mala pua" translated as: "A blossom blooming in the garden" ...meaning that "Beauty reveals itself in a favorite place.”
This is one of MACC’s ‘ōlelo no‘eau (a Hawaiian proverb or wise saying) which sums up our goal every time the curtain rises or our gallery doors open. Our season is about the beauty and power of cultural expression—from artists who are well-known to performers and art forms that may be new to Maui.


The Maui Arts & Cultural Center is a presenter – the dynamic connection between artist and community.

"The MACC Presents ..." means MACC chooses artists: from among the best of Hawaiian and local artists to those who represent art forms and cultures that bring rest of the world to Maui’s people. Each year, we program 35-45 events, the best of a diverse range of artists and aesthetics to ensure that our Maui audiences—and Maui’s children—share in the many facets of how our people, as well as the world’s people, tell their stories through the arts.


"The MACC Presents ..." offers a snapshot of today’s world—from traditional arts to contemporary visions to a melding of diverse influences, programmed through series which include:
Ho‘onanea – the state’s finest Hawaiian performers in performances of contemporary Hawaiian music, dance and culture
• Hawai'i Maoli– presentation of authentic Hawaiian cultural arts
• Global Rhythms – exciting events in music and dance from stages around the world
• Dance – great performances in movement and choreography from around the world
• Theater – stage show productions that enlighten, entertain and inspire
• Rockin’ & Pop – contemporary popular music
• Tune In: Classical – strings and things from the classic repertoire to new music
• Jazz-y- Fantastic jazz (and jazz influenced artists)
• Local Voices / Mele – a diverse menu of music and songs of the islands…up close
• Local Voices /Talk Story – spoken word productions about the islands, by islanders, for islanders
• Wala‘au – Da kine local humor…plenny good fun!
• Exhibits – Hawai‘i and Pacific visual arts inspire how we see our world, locally and globally


Artists Connecting with the Community

Presenting is an exchange – it is as much about bringing artists together with island residents as it is about enriching artists through shared experiences in our community. Through more than 70 activities each year such as special performances for students, workshops, cooking classes, in-school activities, cultural exchanges, and master classes, MACC creates opportunities for unique moments of discovery among visiting artists and children, adults, and seniors in our Maui County communities on the islands of Maui, Lāna'i, and Moloka'i.
Artists in the Community


Liliko Ka Pua: Cultural Programs

“The blossom is budding forth” refers to the emerging of the cultural programs offered at the MACC. They are intended to expand and deepen the nature of Hawaiian programming and to continue education in various aspects of Hawaiian culture such as hula, chant, and storytelling. These programs are to stimulate a heightened sensitivity to cultural themes.
MACC Cultural Programs



Award-winning Arts Education Programs for Teachers

"Teaching in an arts integrated classroom isn't easy. Most of us aren't artists. But it brings joy into your classroom. When you teach with joy and learn with joy you can't help but love learning."
Rae Takemoto,> 3rd grade teacher, Kula School

"The MACC arts education programs have grown more quickly to serve greater numbers of children and teachers than any of the other 76 partnerships with which the Kennedy Center works. Hawai'i teachers tell us the Maui Arts & Cultural Center has made a difference in the way they teach and the way their students learn." Barbara Shepherd,
Program Manager, The Kennedy Center Partners in Education

The MACC is Maui's Largest Classroom Partners in Education: As part of the team in the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts Partners in Education program (along with the Department of Education-Maui District and Kamehameha Schools Maui), MACC offers outstanding professional development for teachers and teaching artists. Since 1995, teachers have been taking workshops in drama, music, dance, visual and literary arts presented by trained, professional artists. Every summer, a week-long institute is offered in integrating the fine arts in other subjects. All professional development is based on the revised Hawaii Content and Performance Standards, and includes reflection and assessment of student work. Teachers are able to earn continuing education credits when they implement the workshop content in their classrooms.

  • Can Do! Days: nearly 6,500 students attend art-immersion field trips at The MACC annually.
  • Performances, Exhibitions, and Artist Residencies for Students reach over 18,000 young people in Maui County every year.
  • School Band Concerts involve over 1,800 students each year.
  • Annual K-12 Student Art Exhibit Celebrating the Artist In Us rotates between outstanding student artists in K-8 and high schools each year.


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