The Kingston Trio
McCoy Studio Theater
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Friday, December 20, 2019 - 7:30 PM

The Kingston Trio began with Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane, and Dave Guard in San Francisco in 1955. The three founded one of the most influential bands to emerge from the 1950s, only outdone by the Beatles. With talent and tenacity, they rose to become the undisputed kings of an acoustic musical genre that exploded onto the American scene, and still exists today.
The three current members have intrinsic links to and experience with the original group. Mike Marvin is the adopted son of founding member Nick Reynolds, who was also his musical mentor; Tim Gorelangton, a close friend since boyhood, is one of the few musicians outside the Trio who has recorded with Nick Reynolds; and Don Marovich has performed with the original Trio.
Recently, the Kingston Trio received the “Grand Grammy” of all Grammys: the Lifetime Achievement Award. Reserved for those select few who have attained spectacular success in the music business over an extended career, this honor places the Trio among a heady pantheon of names like Frank Sinatra, Charlie Parker, and the Beatles. 
With their signature-striped shirts, banjos, bongos, guitars, and charismatic personalities, they became the most outstanding singing and recording act of their time.
Enjoy hearing the band perform many of their best-loved songs as they rediscover their timeless music on their 60th anniversary national tour.  
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Tickets: $30, $45, $65 (plus applicable fees; 10% discount for MACC members)

Tickets on sale to MACC Members: Saturday, September 21
Tickets on sale to public: Saturday, September 28 


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Friday December 20Kingston Trio7:30 PMGet Tickets