Mrs. Krishnan’s Party
Presented by Indian Ink Theatre

Castle Theater
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Friday, March 6, 2020 - 7:30 PM

You’re invited! “Mrs. Krishnan’s Party” is an utterly disarming comedy that seats the audience around the dining table and at the kitchen bench in the back room of an Indian-run convenience store.
Now that her son is grown up, Mrs. Krishnan is thinking of selling the shop. It’s Onam, a time to celebrate life, death, and rebirth and Mrs. Krishnan has to throw the party of her life.
Over one joyous evening, Mrs. Krishnan’s Party magically transforms strangers into friends through laughter, tears, good music, and great food. 
Note: space to attend the party is limited to seating available on the Castle Theater stage. Get your tickets early!
CLICK HERE to watch a video teaser

Tickets: $65 (plus applicable fees)
Tickets on sale soon. Watch this page for updates. 

Date Event Time Tickets
Friday March 6Mrs. Krishnan's Party7:30 PM