Maui Pops Orchestra
Featuring Keola & Moanalani Beamer

Castle Theater
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February 23, 2020

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Celebrate an afternoon of great music as Keola Beamer, master of Hawaiian slack key guitar, performs with the 50+ member Maui Pops Orchestra in this special concert.
Keola was recently inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame, and is one of the premier singer/songwriters in Hawai‘i. He established himself early as a leader of contemporary Hawaiian music when he wrote Honolulu City Lights, still one of the all-time best-selling recordings in Hawaiian music history.
Kumu hula Moanalani Beamer joins them with hula, chant, and traditional instruments.

Tickets: $22, $35, $50, $60 (plus applicable fees)
Half-price for students 18 & under w/ID except for $22 seats

Patrons who purchase tickets to all four shows in the Maui Pops series (Dec 15, Jan 26, Feb 23, and March 8) will receive a 10% discount off each ticket. This offer does not apply to the $22 tickets or to discounted tickets. Tickets to all four shows must be purchased in one transaction to qualify for series discount. 

Tickets on sale Tuesday, October 1

Date Event Time Tickets
Sunday December 15Holiday Pops3:00 PMGet Tickets
Sunday January 26Broadway Pops3:00 PMGet Tickets
Sunday February 23Winter Pops3:00 PMGet Tickets
Sunday March 8Spring Pops3:00 PMGet Tickets