COMMUNITY EVENTS LAWN - Technical Information


The Community Events Lawn is a flat, grassy mixed-use area that serves well for concerts and special events. A white vinyl tent with its back to Keopuolani Park is on one end of the lawn and acts as a protective covering over a stage that can be assembled to various sizes.
The tent is approximately 66’ wide x 33’ deep. The pitched roof is 16’ high on the sides and rises to a 26’ peak at the center. A large stage could be 56’ wide x 28’ deep x 4’ 6” high. This would allow for a 5’ area behind the stage. 
Other Info:
Loadin to the stage can occur through a gate behind the stage where there is an access road.
Dressing rooms are in a separate building a short distance from stage right.
The tent has white vinyl siding that can be slid open or closed.


All lighting is available on a show by show basis to accommodate the needs. We have an extensive inventory of professional lighting equipment to support any type of event. Our truss and ground supported lifts may be positioned upstage to which a variety of our moving lights can be attached. We also have vertical trusses and bases to which lights can be attached. 
Our inventory also includes strobes, blinders, ACLs, LED wired pars and LED battery/wireless par fixtures as well as conventionals. There are schedule 40 pipes hanging from the downstage edge of the tent to hang a limited number of fixtures.
We can also provide screens and projectors if requested.
House lights consist of LED 6in1 fixtures raised high on cranklifts and placed on the edges of the Events lawn.
Please let the Technical Director know what your requirements are.

Lighting Control

A grandma 2 Light is available for control.
An ETC ION console with 60 faders and dual touchscreens may be available if preferred.
This is currently the lighting controller for the Castle Theater located nearby. 

Follow Spots

Follow spots can be rented locally and placed on staging at the front-of-house mix position.

Audio System

We hang our Meyer Line Array speaker system which consists of 5 Milo speaker boxes per side. If needed, we can add as many as 3 Mica speaker boxes each side hung below the Milos for a total of up to 16 powered speakers which will give ample audience coverage depending on the seating charts. Seating is typically built on a show by show basis.
The speakers hang from speaker line array towers on each side of the tent. The towers are 26’ 7” to the section of truss at the top.
Subwoofers can be up to 5 Meyer HP700’s per side.
We augment this with other Meyer powered speakers as needed that can be used for front fill, side fill or even as monitors. They include CQ1’s, UPA1P’s, UPA2P’s and M1D’s.
The system is controlled using a Galileo 616 Callisto 6 in-16 output signal processor.
For a FOH console we use a Yamaha CL5 digital mixing desk, Built-in Meter Bridge, 72ch and 8 stereo with two Rio Stage Boxes and iPad app.
A 2nd Yamaha CL5 is network-connected and serves as a monitor desk.
A 32ch Yamaha LS9 console is also available for a monitor desk.
If an analog desk is preferred, we have a Midas Heritage H2000 with 44mono and 4 stereo inputs which will be accompanied by a rack with compressors, compressor/limiters, gates, and playback units.
Another available analog console is a Yamaha PM4000.
For monitor wedges, we have 6 Fulcrum FA12AC Powered Monitors.
We can help you find the gear you are looking for, including backline. While the MACC has limited guitar and bass amplifiers, we often work with local vendors to supply the gear requested.


There are two Cam-Lok disconnect panels located inside the tent on stage left. One is a 3-phase 200A service for lighting. The other is a 90A service.
There is also one Cam-Lok disconnect panel located inside the tent on stage right. This is a 3-phase 100A service for audio and stage power.
The Center has several mobile power distros that can connect to the Cam-Lok panels to provide both 110v and 208v power for motors, lighting, projection, stage power, and other equipment. 
Please contact Technical Director, Mark Astrella, for additional information: