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August 01 - August 04, 2019

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Based on the novel by T.C. Boyle
Written by Matthew Spangler
Directed by Vinnie Linares

Adapted from T.C. Boyle's bestselling novel, this is a visceral, thought-provoking drama about peoples’ preconceived notions of those not like oneself.

It is a portrait, sometimes dark, sometimes comical, about achieving social-economic upward mobility and the American Dream and explores the universal yearning to connect with and belong to a community. 

Stage adaption by Matt Spangler; directed and produced by Vinnie Linares/Oh Boy Productions.

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Tickets: $30 general admission; $20 students & seniors with ID (plus applicable fees)

Date Event Time Tickets
Thursday August 1Performance #17:30 PMGet Tickets
Friday August 2Performance #27:30 PMGet Tickets
Saturday August 3Performance #33:00 PMGet Tickets
Saturday August 3Performance #47:30 PMGet Tickets
Sunday August 4Performance #53:00 PMGet Tickets